Wellness Services

At Hornburg Holistics we are passionate about what we do! Our top priority is YOU and helping you gain personal control of your own health and well being. Healing and relaxation start the moment you walk through the door. With just one visit, you will see the commitment we have made to you and your journey to feeling better!


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Avazzia is a micro-current device that uses different electronic frequencies to stimulate the nervous system and help heal your body in whatever way it needs. it can help with pain management, acute pain (including breaks, sprains, and strains), sports injuries, allergies, scar tissue release, anxiety, emotional issues, hormone imbalances, immune system support, and so, so much more.



Astrology is an ancient and accurate way for us to understand ourselves, our relationships and our life path. It can provide affirmation or direction and is always enlightening.
Astrology examines the subtle energies from planets, stars, and celestial bodies that were present at your birth and how they affect who you are, as well as how they currently impact your daily life.



This ancient, painless healing modality provides relief from pain, migraines, digestive issues (including GERD, heartburn, constipation, etc.), stress, anxiety, depression, hormone imbalances, infertility, insomnia, and much more.


Pain Management


Our facility offers a comprehensive assortment of services for patients experiencing acute or chronic pain. Our team of specialists share a combined expertise in managing the physical and physiological health needs of patients.

Energy Work


The entire universe is made of energy. Every human emits an energy field or aura that influences the world around them. This energy field works to reflect the bodies life force and vitality. It is heavily influenced by the world around us and is often thrown out of balance thus leaving us fatigued and foggy.