Pricing Options for Traditional Acupuncture

Zen Sessions

Zen Sessions are traditional acupuncture treatments that last about 30 minutes as you relax in a beautiful semi-private treatment room. Zen Sessions are for less complex diagnoses and will help patients with pain management, overall well-being, immune boosting, stress, anxiety, mood, and much more. We offer a monthly Zen Plan membership that has extra benefits, as well as multi-session packages to help you feel better. We highly recommend scheduling a Specialized Private Acupuncture Treatment prior to your Zen Session to get the most from your treatment.

Zen Session

65 per treatment
  • No preferred scheduling
  • $60 per treatment

Zen Plan

79 per month
  • Includes 2 treatments a month
  • Preferred scheduling
  • $30 additional treatment
  • 20% off our online herbal pharmacy
  • Roll over up to 6 unused treatments
  • $25 discount per private treatment

Specialized Acupuncture Session

125 per treatment
  • One on one Guaranteed time
  • $125 per treatment

Insurance Appt.

Plan Specific
  • May be covered
  • Your price = copay, once your deductible is met
  • Consult with your insuance to verify Acupuncture is covered

Specialized Private Acupuncture Treatments – $125*

Private Sessions are traditional acupuncture treatment that have guaranteed one on one with Brian that last about an hour. Private Sessions are for more complex diagnoses and work best for those suffering with auto-immune disorders, chronic pain symptoms, neurological disorders, infertility, chronic migraines, etc. Brian spends the whole session at your side working with you to educate and inform regarding your condition, including diet and emotional components. He may also utilize additional healing modalities such as the Avazzia, cupping, herbal recommendations, etc.

Other Services

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*All prices reflect cash prices, paid at time of service or initiation of plan/ package