Hornburg Holistics Acupuncture

An Integrative Holistic Healthcare Facility

Hornburg Holistics Acupuncture

An Integrative Holistic
Healthcare Facility

Hornburg Holistics Acupuncture

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Welcome to Hornburg Holistics Acupuncture, an integrative holistic healthcare facility. We address the growing need for outside the box thinking when it comes to healing the mind, body, spirit. Our practice incorporates Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Counseling, and Avazzia Treatments.

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Wellness is not a ‘medical fix’ but a way of living. It is an approach to life we each design to achieve our highest potential for well-being now and forever.

Treatments And services


This ancient, painless healing modality provides relief from pain, migraines, digestive issues (including GERD, heartburn, constipation, IBS), stress, anxiety, depression, hormone imbalances, infertility, insomnia, and much more.

With no side effects and a feeling of deep relaxation with every treatment, it’s one of the best ways to feel better. Learn more about our Acupuncture services.



The Avazzia is a micro-current device that uses different electronic frequencies to stimulate the nervous system and help heal your body in whatever way it needs.
The highly specialized treatment can help with pain management, acute pain (including breaks, sprains, and strains), sports injuries, allergies, scar tissue release, anxiety, emotional issues, hormone imbalances, immune system support, and so, so much more. It is also perfect for kids and anyone with a fear of needles. Learn more about our Avazzia treatments.

Pain Management

Nutritional Counseling

Top 5 Reasons to Choose

Hornburg Holistics Acupuncture For Your Health & Well Being

You are looking for natural and holistic ways to promote healing and resolve symptoms that do not include pharmaceuticals.

You want to address the underlying root cause of the problem and not just mask the symptoms.

You are open to healing on multiple levels beyond the physical. And you are desiring healing on a soul level. Hornburg Holistics Acupuncture offers complete healing on not only the physical level but also mental, emotional, and spiritual.

You are tired of dealing with negative side-effects of conventional treatments.

You are unique and are seeking an individualized treatment plan that fits your specific needs. We offer one-on-one customized treatment plans that will address your needs in a supportive and compassionate environment.


Becky K.

Hornburg Holistics has helped me heal from military service wounds both physical and mental as I have been a client since September 2016. The entire team of compassionate, caring, and friendly service providers, plus the authenticity of an antique vintage building make it a cozy and safe place to let healing take flight. Thank you Brian and Jennifer, for changing lives for the betterment of all!!!

Liane J.

Amazing!! They need a 10 star option!
I was in so much pain in my lower back and after an hour session with their Avazzia treatment I feel wonderful!
Brian explained everything step by step to me then went thru all the various causes of the pain- not just physical but how so much is linked emotionally. So spot on…
Booked my next session and can’t wait to go back. Thank you Hornburg Holistics!

Liane J.

I am so happy to have Hornburg Holistics as my neighbor! They have taken great care of me whenever aches and pains visit me from a long day at work or exercise blunders. The owners are compassionate, patience and empathetic to your needs. Brian and Jennifer are an asset to our community and it shows through their commitment with the many classes and or services provided to keeping us all healthy, happy and mentally strong. So what are you waiting for, take control of your happiness today! Hornburg Holistics is the place to be, just sayin’