Astrology is the study of planetary energies and their influence on us. At the moment you are born, the snapshot of planets and stars create your Natal Birth Chart. This chart gives us important information about your personality, character, career choices, and relationships. During an Astrological reading, Jennifer will take you through your personal Life Map and help you navigate your recurring patterns. When we have an understanding of why we experience certain challenges, we are better able to face those challenges with new awareness which allows us to be better prepared to overcome them.

Jennifer believes that Astrology is a pathway to clarity in all aspects of our lives. Instead of being something to be afraid of or expecting messages of doom and gloom, our Life Map arms us with information and understanding so that we can create a more balanced, positive, peaceful life experience, professionally and personally.

As well as personal Life Maps, Jennifer also does Compatibility Charts for all relationship types. This Chart can help us identify the relationship goals, challenges, and strengths.

Monthly predictive reports are also available. These in-depth reports provide you with a predictive view of the upcoming months. Specific dates and direction are provided.